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To Tea or Not to Tea?

A morning routine can inspire, increase optimism, create a huge sense of stability, and can be the one thing you depend on at the start of every morning.


🔁 Tea, To-Do List/Daily Planner, Exercise, Meditate, Repeat 🔁


🍵 Green Tea: Potent Antioxidants, reduce free radicals; Reduces chances of cancer, lowers cholesterol

🫖 Ginger Tea: Digestion stimulator, Nausea relief; Anti-inflammatory

☕️Peppermint: Reduces stress, Aids in Digestion; Immune System Strength!

😴 ☕️ Chamomile Tea: Secures peaceful sleep and reduces insomnia


☀️ What’s one thing you look forward to in the morning ?! ☀️

Is it having your cup of hot tea by your fireplace in the cold months? Is it your morning quote or spiritual text reading? Planning your day? Warming up or exercise? Creating some time to yourself before the start of your day can do wonders for your sense of joy, mood, stress-management and help to reduce burn-out. Especially within the field of service, consider setting some time aside for you to re-fuel before heading out and putting others first and fulfilling your passion to serve others. Remember, you can't pour from an empty cup.


❤️ What’s your Fave??? ❤️

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