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Fresh Recipe Ideas: My Favorite, Simplest Juice Recipes!

Updated: Feb 23, 2022

My Favorite, FASTEST, Most Delicious Juicing Recipes

My Top 3, Favorite Delicious-on-the-FIRST-TASTE Favorite juicing recipes.

I knowwwwww, I knowwwwwww. Juicing doesn’t always get the best representation in convenient methods of great health:

“Juicing is so expensive!!”

"There's soooo many grocery requirements!!”

"It takes too long!! "

But.. I .... PROMISE...

Here are a view that I’m sure you'll not only like—but love. Plus, these recipes are suited to save you the confusing and expensive exotic fruits in order to enjoy the convenience AND the taste.

Here are my top 3, and most accessible faves:


This amazing juice is inspired by and mostly from the NAMA Coldpress juicer company and their phenomenal recipe book with slight variations to aid in minimizing your grocery requirement, but to still provide you the same amazing flavor! (#recipes #healthyeating #juicing)

-1/2 Orange Bell Pepper

-1/2 Cup Pineapples

-2 Mandarins or 1 Naval Orange

-1 Lemon

-1 Cup Carrots



One of my own favorite recipes!

-1 Green Apple

-1 Fuji or Sweet Red Apple

-1-2 Stalks Celery

-1 Green Kiwi

Then... Add your Greens!

+1 Small Handful Spinach, Kale, or 4-5 Small Broccoli Florets


SHONTA'S: I can't Believe It's Got Broccoli! (ha..ha..ha.. ... get it?)

-2 Apples; One Green, One Red or whichever you have!

-2 Oranges

-1 lime

-1 lemon

-5 small Broccoli Florets

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