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Tea Remedy: Increase the Calm, Manage discomfort and bloat, and Relieve some weight anxiety ☕️

Updated: Dec 2, 2021

It works!



Let’s discuss!

So I already know I’m triggered when I see, hear, or read “Weight-loss Tea” and rightfully so. The celebrity gimmicks and scams can be a bit overwhelming so I can’t even blame you if you feel skeptical or even extremely cautious in finding teas that can actually relieve you of discomforts such as bloat or digestive relief, or when searching for teas that are amazing for your health, de-stressing, or even aiding in sleep and other forms of wellness.

So, I stumbled across this recipe within the wonderful world of YouTube repetitively-- and as sure as curiosity kills the figurative cat-- I'm Dead. Figuratively, of course! But I was definitely floored that It works. At least for me it has. Every. Single. Time.

Of COURSE... I had to see what’s really going on. ☺️

I found more than a few articles on tea which included slight differentiations in recipe, but just as the video's comments rant and rave--this tea does bring therapeutic and health results that I most definitely noticed and there is no gimmick if you ALREADY own the ingredients.. right?

The major perks are the easily accessible ingredients which are literally my favorite BEASTS when it comes to brain, body, health, and beauty.

Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar, and Tumeric have and will continue to be staples on my list for ingredients that bring major results.

As noted in another one of my previous blogs, Tumeric is an Anti-Inflammatory Super Hero. I always notice a major difference in my joints and knee pain when adding it to my smoothies, tea, or by supplement. Green Tea is still the powerful antioxidant that it claims to be, and although conflicting hypotheses still exist in Scientific Research for Vinegar, Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar has a major reputation for having the ability to provide an energy boost within at least 8oz of water/tea etc., purification and detox properties and advantages for the skin, kidney/bladder, and bloat. Cayenne pepper, other spices, and heavily spicy foods are known to boost metabolism but it is normally proven to be momentary— but still noted for education sake— hey, who are we to steal its thunder?

This tea's been helpful for more than weightloss so I figure on this blog is where this recipe deserves the shine..

In my experience in particular, I lost 2lbs every single day (or every few days), every day that I've implemented it. Yes 2 lbs fluid fluctuation is normal, but the tea maintains that consistency if you stick to it plus— I actually feel the relief difference. I feel a reduction of anxiety and stress of the weight I may be gaining and I gain the benefits of hydration and the relief of my sugar and snack cravings.

Here are the other benefits I've noticed:


*Better digestion,

*Dramatic decrease in nighttime cravings

*Less carb/sweet withdrawal (intense craving, headaches etc.,)

*Slightly helpful in Coffee/Caffeine withdrawal (for those who do not drink coffee regularly)

*Decreased bloat/ stomach discomfort

I implement this tea when I indulge in a hearty meal as I juice 1-2 meals a day and I tend to feel better.

Nowwww I wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t include the:


*Have to drink before 8pm or you WILL be interrupted multiple times to pee —excuse me, frequently urinate.

* Too much tumeric and cayenne can burn your throat so keep that hand light.

*Agave or Honey can cause your mixture to coagulate and gel.. frequently stir or forego the sweetener if it’s a bother. I do.

☕️ Recipe ☕️

Directions: Take 1-2x a Day; Once in the morning before first meal and once in the evening after your last meal.

☕️ Ingredients:

- Hot Water + Green Tea / Herbal or Black Tea

- 1 Tblsp (Tablespoon) or Cap full of Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar (w/Mother)

- 1 Tblsp Ground Tumeric

[ *I personally use a teaspoon.. That much Tumeric was harsh to my throat, and well? Same results, but I wanted to give you the original recipe]

- 1 Tblsp Ground Cinnamon

- 1 Tsp (Teaspoon) Lemon Juice

- 1 very small pinch of Cayenne Pepper ( or Black Pepper; said to activate the Tumeric)

+Honey or Agave (if desired, for Taste; optional)

☕️ ☕️ ☕️

Water, all-on-its-own of course, provides hydration and detoxification that our body needs.

Tea tends to add a whole new level of antioxidant power and depending on the tea, it can improve health, just as much as it's an amazing addition to a night-time routine.

Remember. Discussing this recipe is not my advice or even avid suggestion to try. I just love to share my experiences and I love to hear your experiences and recipes too! This one seems to be an extremely popular one on Youtube-- so let me know if you've tried it.

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