• Shonta Pierce, M.A., Neurofeedback Specialist

Is Your Brain As Young As YOU Feel?

According to this article, it most certainly can be! A recent study published in open-access Journal Fronteirs in Aging Neuroscience, shares that way we feel about our brain and those associated feelings, may actually reflect the rate of our brain's aging. By utilizing and analyzing MRI brain scans in elderly people, researchers found that the brains of people who felt younger than their age actually showed fewer aging signs compared to those who felt the opposite. In other words, the younger you feel, the more youthful your brain may actually be.

Now this information in-no-way means, if you feel tired and 92 at the age of 39, that there's no hope! The true importance in this article, is this: those that are feeling older may actually be sensing the aging process in their brain and can take that as an opportunity to turn their health around. That "Subjective Age", or the age we "sense", can be our indicator to take better care of our brain health and our overall selves. Better brain health includes evaluating our lifestyles, habits, activities, diet, and even including those therepeutic remedies to reduce stress and increase self-care to really become younger than we feel during stressful and traumatic times in our lives.

Be sure to check-out this noteworthy article:

Also consider a visit to your spa, a close-by beach , getting plenty of guilt-free rest , or a visit to your local Neurofeedback Center to train specifics and add youth to that brain with precision--in a really fun way! Happy brain-loving, everyone!


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