• Shonta Pierce,M.A.LPC-I

How to Calm Your Mental Storm Amidst Panic, Anxiety, or Fear

How do I create an atmosphere of peace in the middle of a storm of panic, fear, and anxiety?

Create a better narrative.

Become the solution. --But How?

Sometimes a past or life experience of heavy judgment can cause us to write a steady, heavily critical, and incorrect narrative of our lives as we live it in the present. Try not to judge your “flaws”, emotions, or reactions to the triggers or difficult events that have you in your current state.


1. Observe them.

2. Do not assign an unnecessary judgment.

3. Direct yourself to a safe, non-critical mental place in order to quickly find resolve, then,

4. Seek to Understand the source and the reasoning of those unpleasant thoughts.

Criticism is the criminal that breaks into the brain’s ability to change, and robs us of the benefits of its productive processes.

Criticism chastises your brain, causing it to shut down in response, rather than allowing it to create better solutions. We have the power to control where we go from a moment. The secret, is that your brain is the control center of recovery.

From there, Utilize the defenses you’re enabled with and Start by stopping your sabotage at the core.

Observe. Do not self condemn. Analyze. Increase Awareness.

An extremely popular therapy technique called: Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, takes a look at the logical portions of our brain as a framework to think through situations by focusing through what we can control and realistically manage. CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) focuses on the development of personal coping strategies that target solving current problems and changing unhelpful patterns in cognitions.

Mid-Panic Attack or Stressful situation we tend to chastise ourselves: “What’s wrong with you?” “You shouldn’t be doing this”. We often question or simply instruct ourselves to, “Stop it. What’s wrong with you?”

Those are the very thoughts that can cause more anxiety with no rhyme, reason, lesson, or directives to resolution. Write a better narrative. Writing a better narrative helps to activate the "pre-planning" portion of the brain. Yes, you can Pre-Plan your escape to "Calm".

The pre-frontal cortex, is the region and world of fore-thought. Also where we create new habits and utilize logical pathways of change, starting with better thoughts and the right questions to ask ourselves. With better self-narratives, we give ourselves more productive thoughts to help carry us to a calm, more peaceful state. We allow ourselves to feel in the moment, forgive ourselves for the reactions we are not so proud of in the moment, and create a path to resolution in the most efficient and effective way.

Remember, In a life we cannot always control, our thoughts can become a guiding light to a safer place.

Create a plan for yourself, not a prison.

Take Care of YOU.

-Shonta Pierce,

M.A., Resident in Counseling

and Founder of PsychēRemedy

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