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  • Neurofeedback is defined as a specialized application of biofeedback involving brainwave data in an operant conditioning paradigm. The method is used to treat clinical conditions, alleviate many unpleasant symptoms such as anxiety or sleep, as well as to enhance performance.

  • Neurofeedback is not brand new! It has early beginnings dating as far as 1875-1924.

  • How does it work?

    • All you do is sit back, relax, put those feet up, and watch and enjoy a movie/beautifully relaxing on-screen scenery 

    • It is based on a psychological study called "operant conditioning", otherwise known as a"Reward System". The brain waves are monitored through surface applied EEG technology, and the system rewards the viewer when their brain successfully works at mastering unpleasant symptom minimization.

    • It's as easy as watching a movie, nature scene, or ambient digital scenery for 24-30 minutes as your brain trains.


  • Any unpleasant side effects? 

    • All effects are forms of biofeedback.  Feeling very energized, if desired, relaxed, or even too sleepy, post-session-- are all indicators of necessary neurofeedback frequency settings.  These symptoms are key in determining your perfect frequency.

    •  Please notify your specialist of any sensitivities to motion. Your specialist can adjust feedback settings to for individuals with sensitivities. Adjustments can be made to accommodate.


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