Remedies for the Heart, Body, & Mind.

Rejuvenation for the soul.

By utilizing and analyzing MRI brain scans in elderly people, researchers found that the brains of people who felt younger than their age actually showed fewer aging signs compared to those who felt the opposite.  In other words, the younger you feel, the more youthful...

January 5, 2018

Professional insight & Assessment. With over 100k facilitators in over 100 countries, join me in a journey over 4 Million couples have taken to strengthen their relationships. With detailed and individualized feedback in areas such as family history, financial, communi...

How do I create an atmosphere of peace in the middle of a storm of panic, fear, and anxiety?  

Create a better narrative.

Become the solution. --But How?

Sometimes a past or life experience of heavy judgment can cause us to write a steady, heavily critical, and incor...

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