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Note: Only the viewing and purchasing through the link above, allows the discount.


Things You Need to know:
1. Use the discount link above ONLY to receive your discount.   Your discount should display, NOT the originally reduced price of $159.
2.  This device is output only.
It does NOT receive your neurological/brain wave input as a Neurofeedback Professional's machine does. It trains at programmed frequencies well-researched as effective, in order to treat your selected symptom.
*It has an icon for MEDITATION! Improved Meditation :)   ENJOY!
*It treats by symptom: Anxiety, Concentration/Focus, Mood, Stress, Sleep, etc.,
Also treats by diagnoses or prevention: Alzheimer's, PTSD, ADD/ADHD, etc.,
There is INDIVIDUALIZED guidance and protocol creation that I, a Professionally -Trained neurofeedback provider can offer.  
Feel free to contact me for consultation and individualized treatment planning!
3. This device trains through the headphone jack of your android or IOS device.  
If you own an iphone 7 or later, you will need an adapter to utilize a headphone jack vs. a charge port. Please be aware, that the adapter you need should be no more than $10 (try Target!)

Valid  First Name required, and Last Name strongly preferred. Only Serious Inquiries will be answered. Thank-You!


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