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A Neurotherapist's Blog


Shonta is a Licensed Professional Counseling Resident specializing in Biopsychology, Behavioral Neuropsychology, & Counseling. She's actively a Full-time Clinician in Tech, Consultant, and Neurofeedback provider. 


"This blog is a representation of how I manifest my academic and personal passions-- as most of us do-- in order to operate as the full, multi-dimensional people we are in the world."

Products & Services

Psycheremedy llc is a Professional Services/Neurofeedback practice dedicated to in-person and Virtual administration of Neurofeedback/Neurotherapy services.

I provide Consultation, Neurofeedback training on EEG Neurofeedback equipment, provide/ portable devices for at-home Neurofeedback entrainment training, write and distribute Neurofeedback protocols, guidances, and curriculums to achieve recovery, reduced symptoms. I also provide collaborative therapy to be utilized with an already -existing mental health or medical professional.

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